Small Groups!

posted May 10, 2016, 6:34 AM by Ms. J   [ updated Jun 9, 2016, 11:37 AM ]
Your small groups are due by the end of this week (Fri, May13). You do not need to have your song chosen.

A. Revenge of the Six
Julia Kan
Daniel Ko
Jason Choi
Jonathan Liu
Lily Crandall-Oral
Cassidy Teng

B. End Pins are for Losers
Caitlin Deschner
Sabrina Zhang
Gil Dinnar
Lindset Forg

C. Izzy's Group
Emily Ko
James Smith
Jinyung Suh
Alan Bulavsky
Izzy Wood

D. The Michaels and Friends
Michael Tu
Michael Yang
Julia Chiang
Vivian Li

E. Danny and Friends
Vincent Song 
Danny Roh
Jackson Rhodes
Nick M-H
Devin B

F. Fill in the Blank
WIlliam Zen
Maxim Mastyugin
Aditi Agarwal

G. Whatever 
Heather Yun
Yuhi Chang 
Hanna Kim (band guest star)
David Sun  (band guest star)

H. Ian’s Group (everyone else)

Ian Huang

Akshay Sundaram

Jason Fan

Alex Teng

Jeff Zhang

Tim Watson

Dan Seo

Senior Group 1. Tenuous D
Michael Frank
Peter Sifre (guest star)