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Wondrous Love Feedback- Extra Credit

posted Jan 12, 2015, 8:57 AM by Ms. J   [ updated Sep 3, 2015, 8:45 AM ]
Follow the directions below for a maximum of 10 extra credit points. It must be completed by class on Friday 1/16. Be thoughtful, sincere, and specific. 

This is extra credit and not a required assignment is because I hope if you're putting the effort in it's because you want to help improve the piece, and not just because it's something that was assigned. This is a unique and special opportunity to collaborate with a composer as part of his editing process. Not many high school groups get that honor! Take it seriously!

1) Read Eric Haas's heart-felt email (included below) about our performance.

2) Listen to the recording of Wondrous Love from the concert without your music. Listen for, overall flow, structure, length, mood,  and balance (of the writing, not necessarily of our performance). 

3) Listen to the recording again with your music and follow along with your part. Make notes about your experience playing the piece, how your part fits, if it was interesting, what you found most challenging and what you would change.

4) Complete the form below with your observations.

Email from Eric Haas

Dear Rachel;


I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful performance the LHS

Symphony gave of Wondrous Love. It was by far one of the best it's

gotten. The piece was originally written for viol consort and then

transcribed for modern string orchestra and later reworked for

recorder consort, and this may be the first time I've heard it in any

version that it didn't actually collapse in the 4th variation!


But it was much more than just hanging together. The sound of the

ensemble is really beautiful - rich and full, and so mature. From the

very opening notes (which were just gorgeous), I thought, 'You know,

that's not a bad piece, is it?' - it's always a little daunting to put

something you made out there (as you well know), and this was a

performance that made me feel as though I could be proud of my



I would love to have your feedback on what worked and what could be

changed. I had been thinking of revising the piece and trying to get

it published. In the second and fourth variations, I thought, 'There

should probably be slurs, shouldn't there?' and I also wondered about

doubling some of the melodic material up an octave, as the tessitura

is quite low for the violins. If you have any thought, please let me



So again, thank you SO much and please thank the Symphony for me. It

was a real treat and I was honored both that you chose to program the

piece and by the wonderful performance that you gave.


Sincerely and gratefully,

Eric Haas

Wondrous Love Feedback