More videos from Symphony Hall & Official Audio!

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These were taken by Mike Vogelzang!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Symphony Hall Recordings!
This is the official recording through the sound system in Symphony Hall. The link is to the folder containing all of the tracks 

Symphony Hall performance!

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Here is a video taken by Devin's dad of our entire Symphony Hall performance!

And here is just the Nocturne!

MICCA Recordings!

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Recording from Monday 3/23

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Please listen to the recording from class today with Mr. Leonard's comments. 

Concert recordings and listening critique.

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Congratulations on a solid pre-MICCA concert! We've made an incredible amount of progress and I cant wait to see how far we can take these pieces in the next week. Thank you for your hard work.

Please listen to our concert recording and fill out a MICCA score sheet, one column for each piece (Takemitsu counts as 1).

On the back (or a separate sheet) please make a chart (or any other visual representation) showing where our last recording was compared to this recording. Then add a point on the chart for where you think we can be by our concert in two weeks. Feel free to get artsy, feel equally free to keep it simple.

50 points. Due in class on Monday.

Recordings from 3.13

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Nocturne from 2/23 and Recording schedule/info

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Here is the recording from class today. 

Each day lists the Group Number: Recording Location

Recording Location key:
C:Commons II
ML: Music Lab
S: Stage
133: Orchestra room

The group recording schedule is posted. You are responsible for making sure everyone in your group will be present for recording (barring unforeseen absences, like for sickness). If someone is going to be absent, coordinate to switch dates with another group, then email the change to me so I can change it on the master schedule. 

Your group will have the entire block to record the excerpt. Warm up and then do several takes. Write down the whole file number of the single take you would like to have graded. 

Don't worry about erasing the other files, leave everything on the recorder. 

Your group will be graded using the MICCA rubric. Each rating number (1-5) will correspond with a point value. The rubric with point values will be posted on the website. You will be scored as a group, meaning everyone in your group will receive the same grade.

And just in case you need it: Here is the list of practice groups

Waltz Recording Comparison!

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Please compare the three recordings of Waltz and complete the listening critique below (50pts) by class on Monday.

Concert Recordings 12.11.14

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Wondrous Love

Please complete the following Concert Critique by class on Wednesday 12/17.

Recordings from class 11/26

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