Orchestra Officers!

posted Sep 3, 2015, 9:53 AM by Ms. J   [ updated Sep 8, 2015, 7:59 AM ]
Vote on Wednesday, 9/9!

The Orchestra Presidents are responsible for:

-orchestra morale 
-being a liaison between the group and Ms. Jayson
-orchestra breakfasts
-orchestra fundraisers (like bake sales)
-orchestra outings (froyo, laser tag, bowling, general fun)
-representing Symphony Orchestra on the Orchestra BBQ Committee 

Orchestra President Nominees:

Caitlin Deschner
Hey guys! This is my 2nd year in Symphony and I would love to help make this the most awesome year yet by being your orchestra president! I’m very organized and committed and will definitely make lots of fun activities and fundraisers happen. I’m also totally open to any ideas you guys have and promise to do my best to help bring them to life. My goal is to get the orchestra apparel ready to wear by our first concert! I also LOVE food so if you vote for me, you can expect plenty of that in orchestra this year!

Lindsey Forge
Hi, I'm Lindsey, and because it is my second year in this orchestra, I know how everything goes so therefor I think I'd make a good president. Freshman year in Rep. Orchestra I organized getting shirts for the entire viola section and Ms. Jayson with the help of Gil, so I will make sure we get great apparel and quickly! I helped out with a lot of bake sales last year too, so I will be able to organize those so we can have funding for lots of orchestra breakfasts!

Elise Pfrommer
I would love to be your president because this is my third year in Symphony orchestra and I think this group is really cool and awesome and I love it lots. I have seen how much fun we can have together and will work super hard to have tons of cool events so we can all get to know each other and make this the best year of orchestra we've ever had! Plus, I promise we will get really sweet orchestra swag and have lots of bake sales so we can have bagels and donuts every time we have to come in early or just to celebrate concerts or hard work or just for fun. Thank you!

Emma Tweeddale
This year I have decided to run for president of the Symphony Orchestra. As a second year cheer captain, I have experience with bake sales, ordering apparel, and team bonding experiences. Along with my understanding of becoming a group leader, I would thoroughly enjoy being president. I've always wanted to be more involved in orchestra and as a senior I am taking this opportunity and promise to try my best to make sure everyone feels included and has a great time playing music in

Michael Yang

Hey, fellow orchestra members. My name is Michael Yang, and I’ll be running for the position of this year’s orchestra president. To me, an orchestra is more than just a class; it’s like a family of friends. Even more so, our orchestra is special- we’ve been seeing many of the same faces since 6th grade, and unbreakable friendships have been formed. Naturally, you’d take care of your family, and I hope to do the same.  Although relatively inexperienced, I believe I can help lead this “family” because I’m responsible, organized, and above all, genuinely care about the orchestra. If elected, I’ll do my best to ensure our year is as enjoyable as possible (with lots of food, among other things). Thank you for considering me and I look forward to a great year to come :)
our orchestra.

Julia Kan (violin)
Hi, I'm Julia! I'm a new violinist to Symphony this year and I'm excited to get to know everyone. Things that I love include helping people, meeting new friends, eating food, and wearing extremely comfortable flannel sweatpants. All of which can happen in orchestra this year if I become president (especially eating food and flannel sweatpants). :) I can't wait for an awesome year!

Lucy McNeil

Hi guys! This is my third year in Symphony Orchestra and I would love to be your orchestra president! In the past we haven't had a lot of time to connect as a group and I would love to schedule more fun activities for us to all do together outside of orchestra. I love this group and I would love to see it be super awesome this year!! I also have ordered my fair share of apparel for different activities so I can promise ours will be super fun. Thanks!! 

Orchestra Librarians are responsible for:

-photocopying scores and parts cleanly
-keeping the extra parts folder stocked 
-making copies for people who need them
-putting missing parts into Sibelius/Finale/MuseScore/NoteFlight/other music notation software 

Orchestra Librarian Nominees:

Rahul Ahuja
Hello Symphony Orchestra! I, Rahul Ahuja, would be an excellent librarian because I always learn to be excited about our music (even if I'm not at first (Training and Rest)) and the role of each section. For nearly every piece, I make sure to ask for a copy of the score so that I can go home and listen to it to see how all the parts fit together. As librarian, I would be able to copy the scores on my own (so as not to pester another librarian to do it for me) and help you, my peers, however I can to ensure that we can play as much music as possible and as well as we can.
I look forward to a crazy and spectacular year with all of you.

William Zen
I am William, I am a junior violinist, and I am running for librarian. I would like to be a librarian because I want to learn more about the different parts. If I know the parts better, that would help me play in relation to other parts of the orchestra.

Anton Lazarev
This year is my fourth year of orchestra at Lexington High School, and my second year in Symphony Orchestra. I'm no stranger to music arrangement, either - I compose electronic music at home. Ever since I was a child, one of my life's biggest aspirations was to learn how to use a photocopier. If you vote me for Orchestra Librarian, I may finally have a chance to do so - don't let my dreams be dreams

Julia Chiang (cello)
Hi, everyone. As you may or may not know, my name is Julia, and I'm a cellist in our orchestra. The sheet music that we play from is a vital part of this class, and without it, we would just be a mess of string players. I'm a responsible person, and I like to be organized. Not having music is a problem that happens fairly often during orchestra, and I would be more than happy to take care of this area of class. In addition, I have had some experience using Sibelius, so inputting music won't be a problem, and increases the possibility of requested arrangements throughout the year. Thanks for the consideration, Julia.

Michael Tu
Hey everybody,
My name is Michael Tu, a violist in your orchestra, and I am running for orchestra librarian. I may not have much experience with photocopiers (to be honest, I'm not sure if many of us do), but I do have experience with musescore and working with different parts. I really enjoy playing music that we knew with my friends, but sometimes there were problems with the arrangement (or lack thereof) that made us unable to play it. My solution : Arrange the piece myself. Last year, I was able to play around with different harmonies and rhythms when I arranged three pieces and composed two of my own. However, I didn't enjoy it mainly because of the music, but rather the satisfaction from helping my friends and making their part in it easier. If I get elected orchestra librarian, I will do my best to help everybody and fix technical problems that may occur in the music.