Divided orchestra 11.18

posted Nov 17, 2015, 2:25 PM by Ms. J   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 2:35 PM ]


First allegro:

1. M.1-5
-violin 1/viola only. Add phrasing (increase volume as notes ascend, drop volume down for beginning of each new arpeggio)
-add v2, cello, bass (match the phrasing of the other two sections)

2. m. 6- 10 
-viola, cello, bass alone. count one full bar all together ( 1 + 2+3+) then listen to keep the pulse/8th notes steady 
-v1/v2 alone. count one full bar together, then play. Align 16th notes, exaggerate articulation 
-play together from m.1-m.10

3. M.11-20
 -all sections play only the measure with 16th notes. Accent the first 16th note played in each bar.
-play the section as written 

4. M21-29
-viola/cello play the first 16th of each beat as sustained quarter notes. Add phrasing
-vla/clo play as written under tempo for intonation (with phrasing). 
-add sped and v1/v2/b. follow the phrasing of vla/clo. 

5. Work the last 3 bars. 

6. Run the allegro and record 

Skip the adagio

2nd allegro:
1. Check bowing against the score for the first part of the fugue.
2. Rehearse the entrances for each section. Count one full bar as a section before you enter (1+2+3+4+)
3. Run through m.20
4. Rehearse tutti sections (29-45, 53-end) Soloists do not need to play their solo parts.

Move to Mountain goats at 9:15am
Exaggerate the accents for each entrance. This should be the most aggressive part of the piece. 
Add speed. Play from memory while looking at the rest of your group.
Rehearse the rest of the section 
Put it together. 
-if there is time go on to rehearsing f-g.