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Sectional prep for 2/12

posted Feb 11, 2014, 11:45 AM by Ms. J   [ updated Aug 28, 2014, 4:34 AM ]
These are the notes from your section leaders in response to our performance on Monday. Please take a look at the sections mention to prepare for tomorrow's sectionals.

First Violin

Mozart: Everyone's articulation is varied -- some people are playing heavily whereas others are playing using a very short off the string stroke. We should work on unifying the articulation more. Also the intotation on the double stops in means 81 and high up in measure 73 is off. Also, people are not completely together in measure 11.

Coreography: Accents in thid third movement are very lacking. The crescendo in measure 52 is not up to ff. The crescendo in measure 66 is also not ip to ff. (Both in the third movement). 
In the second movement the rhythm is not together in measure 4 and 5. 
In the first movement, some people are accidentally not doing the tremelo in measure 19.

Second violin 


Chords need more unification and precision from rehearsal 9-11
Rehearsal 11-12: tempo and style were a bit inconsistent and inaccurate 
The slurred measures between 14 and 15 (all the way up until 15) are a really well built phrase on the part of Mozart, and we aren’t doing it justice.  The sections need to stay together better and enjoy and feel the music (or play like they do).
Rehearsal 18-19 could similarly use some more enthusiasm, phrasing, and cleanliness
The second to last note needs to be clean and smooth (now it is way too scratchy)


Movement I

In general, the movement needs more vibrato (in addition to dynamics); it currently sounds very bland 
Measure 16 could be more precise and together throughout the section
Measure 21 sounded a little unsure
Intonation in measure 34 is never good
Rhythm toward the end is still not always there (measures 55 and on)

Movement II

No one seems to know where to come in when we start 

Entrances and changes of notes after long ones are unsure and not together from measures 7 to 22
Measures 38-39: everyone always runs out of bow/ sound dies in the upper half
The last chord should fade in, but not to the extent that everyone starts at drastically different times.  This should be a matter of bow control, not of when to come in.

Movement II

Measures 5-14 need some metronome work, as the first violins tend to rush way ahead of the rest of the orchestra.
When the theme appears, we need to be more conscious of when there are accents and when there aren’t 
Measures 35-37 also need to be more together
Intonation in measures 52 and 53


-We all need to make sure we don't get stuck too far down in our bows when we are trying to bounce (that being said no one was too far off and its just something to watch out for!)
-Play louder in the forte sections
-Play more into the string during the piano sections (we don't want to sound airy or wispy, but still want to be quiet)
Specific measures to practice, keeping these generalizations in mind (plus intonation): 2 after B, 1 before C, quarter notes before D

Choreography: Part I
-Accents need to be stronger whenever we have them!
-LOUDER on the forte!!
-Play with confidence--we sound great as a section in many places but it's hard to tell because we don't play out enough
-intonation in a couple of measures
Specific measures: 9 (accents), 8+13 (better crescendos), 22-23 (accents), 28-29 (play out + better intonation)

Part II:
-Improved bow control (especially on the cincopated rhythm and the triplets)
-Better, more dramatic crescendos
-louder at the forte parts!!
-listen across the orchestra at the beginning
Specific measures: end of 7+11(play out), 28-32 (louder), 47 (better sound quality), 20 (bow control), 23

Part III:
-Better accents all around
-careful of dragging--listen to the other sections
Specific Measures: 5-7 (better accents), 52 (louder, better crescendo)



1st movement
- measures 1-4 intonation in strums
- dynamics and accents from measure 15 to 20
- work on rhythm and intonation in measure 36

2nd movement
- almost everything is dragging
- keep bow moving especially at measure 18
- work on rhythm in 23 and from 50 to the end

3rd movement
- rhythms at 10-14 and 33-37 are dragging and unclear
- work on accents and clarity from 65 to end

Mozart Rondo:

- measures 12-14, 67-68, 142-143 rhythm and intonation
- lighter bow/ brush stroke especially at 146

Creston Fugue

- intonation at entrance until 20, 66, 75-77
- dynamics at measure 30-40