MICCA Playing Assessment

posted Mar 4, 2012, 8:19 AM by Ms. J   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 9:56 AM ]
There will be a major playing assessment at the end of March on our music for MICCA. This will be your largest grade for the 3rd marking period and will make up about 20% of your overall grade. It will be a group assessment, structured like the auditions in the fall. Unlike in the fall, you will receive a GROUP GRADE, which means you all sink or swim together!

The assessment excerpt will be selected from any of our MICCA pieces, which means you must have them all totally prepared.

In addition to your individual preparation, you should plan on meeting with your assessment groups a MINIMUM of twice a week. Remember that even rehearsals with two or three members of your group are productive, so plan more rehearsals than you think you need, even if some members have conflicts: this will give you a greater understanding of how the parts interact with each other.

Scores are available on the resources page. I will post performance tempi later this week.

Groups are as follows:

1: Xyla, Arie, Pavitra, Jae, Jenna
2: Kavitha, Aditya, Eric, Laura, Kendra
3: Benjamin, Muriel, Steve, Michael
4: Albert, Gina, Jonah, Elliot
5: Srijesa, Tim, Hao-Yuan, Peter
6: Hao, Angel, Sijia, David S
7: Nick J, Carissa, Allison, David H
8: Ramya, Kevin S, Varsha, Adam, Nick K
9: Brian, Erin, Ted, Wesley
10: Evaline, Kevin, Emily, Andrew
11: Matthew, Sarah, Abe, Juliet
12: Vicky, Trijit, Kayla, Colleen, Conor
13: Dena, Arman, Philip, Greg, Elizabeth
14: Edwin, Rebecca, Doug, Shen, Silas

Each group should appoint a leader. This person is responsible for signing their group up for an assessment time. They are also responsible for coordinating rehearsal times.

The assessment will take place March 26-29. Groups will sign up for times this week.