Audition groups and info

posted Sep 4, 2012, 5:32 PM by Ms. J   [ updated Sep 3, 2015, 8:09 AM ]
Auditions are 9/19

Groups have been formed based on many many variables. In general, I've mixed new Symphony members with old, and all levels of playing are spread around. 

I encourage you all to get together as often as possible before your audition. Remember that all members of your group do not need to be present for a productive practice. Experiment with two or three person rehearsals. Hearing the various combinations of parts will only enhance your playing. 

Utilize all available practice opportunities: before school, after school, x block, common free blocks, THURSDAY HALF DAY, weekends, etc...

Efficient rehearsals are more valuable than long disjointed ones. A half hour of well organized work is better than an hour and a half or poor sight reading. Set goals, make a small rehearsal schedule, come prepared, succeed!

Listen to recordings (I'll post at least one good YouTube recording on the Resources page). 
Record yourselves: cell phones, iPads, laptops, voice recorders. Use your digital tools and listen back on your own playing. This is some of the most revealing work you can do. I will post a sample score sheet soon so you can practice/listen back withe the rubric in mind.

 No class time will be given for small group rehearsal. 

This audition is your only major playing assessment for the first quarter. It will be worth 110 points. Most in-class playing quizzes are worth 10 points. 

Here is the Scoresheet. Though you play as a group, you will be graded INDIVIDUALLY.

Here is the Rubric that I use to calculate your scores. As you can see, not all areas are weighted the same. Rhythm is worth 30 points, while tone is worth only 10, etc...